On January 24, 25 and 26 keep yourself free!
A Lindy Hop Workshop with two teachers from the near Austria is waiting us:
Gregor e Maria will bring us a burst of energy directly from Vienna! Let’s have a gorgeous start of the 2020 year!



FRIDAY 24 : Welcome Swing Party

The first party of the weekend, to welcome our guests Gregor and Maria coming to Trieste!
Casa della Musica di Trieste, via dei capitelli 3, from 9 pm. Free entrance.

SATURDAY 25 : Saturday Swing Freaks Party

Saturday Swing Night with live music, in the marvelous Rovis Hall.
Sala Rovis, via Ginnastica 47, from 9 pm

There will be playing *THE 8644 SWINGERS* Jazz Swing & Dixieland hits Live Band:

▪Giuliano Tull – sax
▪Bruno Jurcev – pianoforte
▪Mario Cogno – contrabbasso
▪Luc Baucer – batteria

The band is the well known group of jazz musician from Trieste specialized in twenties Swing and Dixieland music from New Orleans, Chicago e New York!
Special guest: FLY DANCERS 👠👞 from Catania
will be with us on Saturday Swing Freaks Party

SUNDAY 26: Sunday Swing Evening

Sunday Swing Evening: goodbye social dance.
Toti Theatre – via del castello,1 from 7 pm

Lindy Hop Track

The Teachers!


It wasn‘t long after Maria discovered Lindy Hop that she fell in love with it. The connection between two dancers, the freedom of interpretation and the music is what Maria loves the most and prefers to experience on social dancefloors in Wien as well as internationally. You can spot her sparking joy while leading and following and having crazy switch dances. One of her goals is to have more people doing both roles in the scene.
Another part of her dance heart she lost to collegiate Shag a couple of years ago, which she loves to spread all over Austria and beyond. Always open and interested in other dance styles, she continually gathers inspiration which she implements in her dancing.


In his teenage years Gregor went through three years of ballroom classes, as any good Viennese person does. But only when he discovered Lindy Hop almost 15 years later he found the joy on the dancefloor again. For him Lindy Hop is all about interpreting the music and becoming an extra instrument to the band. A perfect social dance for Gregor is when he and his dance partner inspire each other. 
To seek inspiration Gregor often travels to international festivals and always packs his dancing shoes when traveling abroad, bringing him on the dancefloors of New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Auckland or Capetown. He also doesn’t limit himself to the leader’s role and is actively dancing as a follower whenever he can. On top of that he is dedicated to understand and learn more about the music and even just recently joined an amateur swing band on the vocals.

Maria and Gregor both are very much embracing the social aspect of Lindy Hop dancing, which is reflected in their teaching.
At “FROM VIENNA WITH HOP” they will introduce you to their tools for fun on the social dance floor, involving moves, technique and their approach to stay creative

** All our activities are for Swing Freaks associates only (AICS members). If you are not yet a memeber you can get associated to the Swing Freaks by filling up this request form and pay the annual association fee (5 €). You can send the signed module to info@swingfreaks.org. **


L 1: Lindy Improvers: You have attended at least 4 months of Lindy Hop course. Know the basic concepts of following and leading, you can easily guide / follow all the key figures: Swing out, Circle, Outside, Inside, Tuck Turn and its variants.

L 2: Lindy Intermediate: You’ve been dancing Lindy Hop for 2-3 years, regularly attending social dance events in your city. You are familiar with the fundamental figures of Lindy Hop and Lindy Charleston. You can dance easily on different rhythms and you are aware of the concepts of connection and musicality.

L3: Lindy Advanced: You dance Lindy Hop for more than 3 years, you are frequently on local and foreign dance floors. You have a large repertoire of figures and variations of both Lindy Hop and Lindy Charleston. You dare to make variations on the dance floor and characterize your dance by playing with the music. You’re comfortable with any rhythm, from the slowest to the fastest.