Špela Premelč

Špela started to dance Swing in 2013, when she was introduced to the first dance steps by local teachers in Lubljana. Soon, in 2015, she began to teach swing by herself. She has deepened and upgraded her dance skills at various festivals at home and abroad. She has also been a member of various dance groups such as Petkovci, Jump Division and Cabaretika. She enjoys dancing, performing, choreographing and competing.

Špela teaches lindy hop and solo jazz, in Ljubljana also jazz balet and contemporary dance.

Based on her university education as a teacher, she places great emphasis on dance pedagogy and didactics. Her motto is “Not only what, but how to teach”. She is aware that teaching is a two-way flow: it goes from teacher to student as well as student to teacher. In teaching, she focuses on the holistic use of the body and wants to continue to give responsibility for it: we only have one body.

Movement, dance and music accompany her from a young age. Prior to swing, she danced Latin and standard dances from 4 to 16 years old, practiced gymnastics, danced jazz ballet and modern from the age of 15, and later her passion became contemporary dance. At the age of 18, she began teaching contemporary dance at the Terpsihora Novo mesto Dance Society, and for two years also taught at the Imani Brežice Dance Society. She also gained musical knowledge in music school, having played the guitar for 8 years. Movement and dance remain her passion, so she has been learning other dance styles lately, such as house and African dance.