Sabina Blumauer

Sabina met with the swing for the first time in 2005 when she accidentally found herself in a dance evening in Ljubljana, and the blues began to dance in 2007. She gained her knowledge at festivals abroad: Darmstadt Swingdance workshop (Darmstadt, Germany), Lindy Shock (Budapest, Hungary), Swing Crash (Como, Italy), Swing Brother Swing (Bolonia, Italy), SitgesSwing (Sitges, Spain), GNSH (London, UK), Munich Blues Retreat (Munich, Germany), Blues Baby Blues (London, UK). Since 2007 he has been teaching swing and performing in dance groups, initially as a member of the band Besna Glista, and since 2014 he is a member of the Retronom group. She also taught at Feelin ‘blues 2012 (Tel Aviv, Israel). Sabina plays an important role in the development of blues dance and Maribor swing society The Swingbrats.