Anton Semprimožnik

Anton met with the dance in 2015 when he started to attend Lindy hop classes and numerous international Lindy festivals. He met with Collegiate Shag in 2016. At first he attended Shagibor events in Maribor organized by Slovene shag pioneers Vid Milojkovič and Katja Figek and took inspiration from videos, since at the time there was no Shag scene in Ljubljana yet. In the following year, he visited many international festivals and weekend workshops: workshops with Steve Sayer in Vienna, Barcelona Shag Festival, weekend workshops with Arnas and Diana, Arnas and Egle, Shag-a-Ball Festival in Zagreb, The Lindy Cats Festival in Graz, Krak the Shag in Krakow and similar. To him, shag is primarily a measure of fun and a counterweight to his long-standing musical activity.