Flash Mob 2019!

Shooting and editing David Lotric Banovic

The video of this year Flash Mob is here!
Dancers, music lovers, comunity met on a Saturday afternoon to shine in their passion for swing on the the streets of the city.
Thank you Swing Freaks!


Yes!! Classes are starting this Week!

Come and try for the first trial lesson of each course, on the first week of October!
All the details are Here.

New Solo Jazz Class with Spela e Jure

Another new course for you dancers: a beginner class of Solo Jazz with the great Spela Premelc and Jure Jus!!

The course will star on the 1st of October, 7:00 to 8:00pm, and the location will be in Via Ginnastica 47, Sala Rossa.

Registrations are now open here.

New Blues Course with Sabina and Miha

Miha and Sabina

Among all the news and surprises of this Swing Freaks year, here is a brand new Blues course for absolute beginners!
The teachers will be Miha Zabkar and Sabina Blumauer!

The course will start on the 3rd of October, 7:30 to 8:30pm, Via Ginnastica 47, Palestra D.

As usual, teaching will be in English and it is not necessary to enroll with a partner.

You are all invited to come and try the first lesson for free without obligation 😉

Registrations are open HERE

New Balboa Course with Nejc

We are really excited to annouce a new entry in the Swing Freaks courses calendar:
a Balboa course for absolute beginners, with Nejc Zupan!

Classes will start on the 3rd of October, 9:30 to 10:30pm, in Via Ginnastica 47, Sala Rossa.
Everybody is invited to come and try the first lesson, registrations are open HERE!

Freaks Cocktail Party

An incredibly beautiful, heart-warming season ending party!

Many of our thank to the beloved teachers, for the work they had done with us throughout the year, the exquisit technique of each lesson, the passion and the entusiasm they could inspire in us: thanks to Nejc, Spela, Jure, Urska, Anton, Sabina & Miha.

All the rest are the warmest thanks to all the Freaks that composed and made this very season happening, in classes, parties, practices, battles, twinnings and dinings!