The Taxi Club


The Taxi-Freaks Club officially opens!

What is it about?
Simple: If you are a Freaks, taking our courses, and would like to continue to hone your skills as a dancer, from now on you will have the opportunity to join our new Taxi-Club!
Just fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

Once the requests have been received, the swingfreaks staff will proceed to convene dancer, selected on the basis of the registration order. We will invite them to attend the dance courses that are already ongoing free of charge, as leaders or followers, according to the needs of imbalanced numbers between leaders and followers in each particular course.

NB: Taxi-Freaks will be convened only for classes of the level lower than the one to which they are currently registered. The Taxi-Freaks Club will give to its members the opportunity to hone their dancer skills while balancing classes that do not have an exact leader / follower match. If you want to make yourself available to be contacted for Taxi-Freaks ride fill in the form below!