FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

How are the courses organized?
The courses, held weekly, usually start in September and end in June.
As an organizational matter, we have divided them into packages of 8 lessons that will be held over two months (8 weeks).
Each package (8 consecutive lessons) costs 70 euros.

Do I have to be a card-carrying member to participate in the classes?
Yes, each student must be in possession of:
AICS membership card (5 euros and valid for 12 months)
– Swing Freaks membership card
Don’t worry, you can also join us at the venue after the trial lesson.

With AICS membership do I qualify for any concessions?
We suggest you check the AICS website for the latest information.
At the time of writing this post, there are discounts for:
– flights with ITA Airways
Autogrill services

I want to enroll in your courses. What should I do?
We recommend you follow us on social media and read the newsletter to determine when new classes will start.
There you will find details about schedules and the registration form for the trial class.

How much does the Swing Freaks membership cost?
To meet various needs we have provided the following:
– Full Pass (green card, 20 euros): you have access to all classes and parties held at our venue
– Party Pass (orange card, 10 euros): you have access to all parties at our venue
– Light Pass (blue card, 10 euros, for beginners only): you have access to all classes and parties, held during the period of the first 8 classes.
After that, you must upgrade to the Full Pass card by paying the difference of 10 euros.

Party Pass can also be converted to Full Pass by paying the 10 euro difference.
Passes last for one year, from September to August of the following year.

Can I join the parties directly?
No, for insurance and organizational issues to participate in the parties you must already be a card-carrying member.
You can write to us in the days before, and email us:
– the signed registration form
– receipt of the transfer of 15 euros (AICS + Party Pass) with the reason for payment “AICS and Party Pass first name last name”

I would like to take two courses per week, am I entitled to a discount?
Yes, you will pay 50 euros for the second course (2 courses per week 70 + 50 = 120 euros)

Besides Lindy Hop classes, are there any other classes?
Yes, right now we also have a Jazz Solo class and a Balboa class.
We also hold workshops in other dance styles, all related to the swing world, such as Boogie Woogie, Blues and Shag.

What language are the classes conducted in?
The lessons are in English. But don’t worry about English, the teachers are also very good at explaining visually, and when necessary, there is always someone who can translate into Italian, Slovenian, and even Triestine.

Where do the classes take place?
Classes are held in Trieste, at our Via alle Cave 1 location.
The location is a short walk from the San Giovanni swimming pool.

This is what our dance hall looks like, there will be no shortage of space for dancing 🎉

Can I reach the venue by bus? 🚌
Yes, we are a stone’s throw from the San Giovanni bus terminal.
Here are the routes and stop times for you:
linea 6 Piazzale Gioberti – Lignano
linea 9 Piazzale Gioberti – Largo Irneri
linea 12 Borgo San Pelagio – Piazzale Gioberti – Ex O.P.P.

I would like to stay until the end of your party, but the last bus leaves at 11 pm.
Don’t worry, you can rely on the on-call bus service Notturno TSonDEMAND.

I have never gone to a dance class, how can I dress?
Bring clothes that are comfortable and not too heavy; you will probably sweat a little.
For shoes, avoid high heels or soles that are too tight.
A pair of canvas shoes, like All Stars will do just fine.

How do I get updated on events and new courses?
We suggest you send us a message so you can receive the monthly newsletter with a list of all our activities.
Also, you can follow us on our social channels:
– Facebook
– Instagram
– Telegram

When do classes take place?
Classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can also find events on our Google Calendar

Do teachers run the association?
No, the Swing Freaks are an association of volunteer dancers dedicated to promoting and spreading Swing dancing in Trieste. We are committed to searching the area for the best teachers for our classes.

I sent an email, who did I enjoy interacting with?
Probably with one of these dancers 🕺💃

Adriano and Gianni
Katia and Simone

I am not receiving your emails. What can I do?
First, check your SPAM folder; our email may have mistakenly ended there.
Send us a message via the form to check if we have registered your e-mail address correctly.

And if that still isn’t enough, we found an excellent guide from the European Commission here that can help you solve the problem.
Follow the steps, but instead of entering the domain @enrd.eu write @swingfreaks.org

I need to make a wire transfer. What are the bank details? 🏦
IBAN: IT91T0623002207000015668155
Payee: The Swing Freaks ASD