After the Christmas breaks, we are pleased to announce that we continue with the Smart lessons!

To participate -> Register here!

The teachers are Nejc Zupan and Špela Premelč !!

The lessons will be organized on the Zoom platform, they will be in English, divided into:

– from 18.30 to19.20 Balboa
– from 19.30 to 20.20 Solo charleston
– from 20.30 to 21.20 Lindy Charleston Int-Adv

Lessons will be on 19/01, 26/01, 02/02, 09/02.   If you have plans at the proposed hours and days..don’t worry, we thought about you too! All classes will be recorded, so that you won’t miss anything!

Lindy Charleston and Balboa lessons are intended for couples but you can also attend them without a partner if you have been already taking classes in the past and you are familiar with the basics.

Price: 25€ for each package of 4 lesson

To participate is very simple: just click on the link below and fill out the form of the course you are interested in. We will send to you all the details.

To participate -> Register here!



After 3 weeks of trial dancing from your homes with the Swing Freaks, we are pleased to announce that we continue with the Smart lessons, until Christmas!!!


The 2020/21 Swing Freaks Season started with 4 levels of Lindy Hop, classes of Solo Jazz and Balboa!

Timetable of courses starting on October 6th

All classes all held at the Ginnastica Triestina, Via della Ginnastica 47, Trieste -Sala Rossa, 2nd floor.

ATTENTION: this year it will not possible to access to Ginnastica Triestina without the badge.  Please, require it (by sending the proper form) within September 25th. In this way we will be able to provide it to you at the first available class.


with Nejc & Lucia
Thursday, 22:25-23:20

with  Spela
Tuesday 19.15-20.10


                                                              LINDY HOP:

  • FRAPPE’ –  BEGINNER CALSSLindy Hop Level 0

    Tuesday – 20.20-21.15 
    with Nico & Spela

  • SPUMA – Lindy Hop Level 1
    Tuesday – 21.25-22.20
    with Spela & Nico 

  • HUGO Lindy Hop Level 2
    Thursday – h 20.15-21.10
    with Nejc & Spela 

  • MARTI-GNACLindy Hop Level 3
    Thursday – 21.20-22.15
    with Nejc & Spela


Classes are held on Tuesdays or Thursdays, in packages of 8 classes each.
Teaching is in English.


  • 1 course: 70 euro (8 lessons)*
  • 2 couses: the first one 70 euro, the second one 50
  • 3 courses: the first one 70 euro, the second one 50 and the third 35

* +5 euro for annual fee for Swing Freaks AICS association

*+5 euro as deposit for the badge to enter to Ginnastica Triestina. This deposit can only be payed cash at classes.


To register please go to the REGISTRATION PAGE:
Couple registration is not mandatory, but it is higly recommended, since in case of unbalance in the numbers of leaders and followers waiting lists will be activated. During class the partners are continuously changing.  If you want, this year there will be the possibility to dance always with the same partner.

Contributions can be made through wire transfer to:
The Swing Freaks ASD, c/o Unicredit, IBAN IT17V0200802242000105575336

The Swing Freaks activities, including courses, are intended for members of the Association. To request registration and become a Swing Freak 😉 please download the following module and send the signed form to

This year will be necessary to have a badge to enter to Ginnasticaa Triestina, for this reason we need you to fill in the form for obtaining the badge and also an autodeclaration of good health.

All form to fill in, sign and send to us below:


These year we will have new rules for attending our classes, but the first rule, as always, is having fun!

The access to Ginnastica Triestina will be controlled. In fact, only people with a personal badge (that we will provide to you at the first lesson, with a cautional fee of 5 euro) will be able to access. In this way, only registered and authorized entrances in the building will be allowed. 
At the entrance and in the room you will find sanitizer gel and only people with less than 37.5° of temperature will be authorized to come in.

Moreover, Ginnastica Triestina provided a Manual for using its spaces, with rules, measures, procedures for accessing, cleaning and sanitization of the spaces, measures anti-covid. To consult it, click here.

Each lesson lasts 55 minutes and there will be 10 minutes for giving you the possibility to go out/come in maintaining the social distancing. 

If you prefer, you can decide to dance only with your partner during Lindy and Balboa lessons.