A Second Lindy Hop Beginner Class is Now Open!

A huge THANK YOU to all the participants of the first lesson of Lindy Hop Spuma, last Tuesday, you were really so numerous !!! The Swing Freaks crew thanks you, and are very excited for the incredible affluence!

Following this special lesson we announce that a NEW BEGINNING COURSE WILL BE OPEN! To address the great demand and to be able to welcome everyone.

The course will be held on THURSDAY starting at 9.30pm, also at the Ginnastica Triestina.

Note that the beginner course on Tuesday is already full, so we invite those who still have to enroll to do it in the course on Thursday, for which there are still free spots.

NB: we are receiving more applications from followers than from leaders, so for the moment, we can accept only the registration of SOLO LEADERS and COUPLES leader-follower

First Anazing Lindy Hop Beginner Class!